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draft. on gardens and politics.



the parallels between :

early spring community garden meetings

and candidates’ election time ‘get out the vote’ meetings

are manyfold.


older women going through agendas

taking membership dues

voluntelling younger folk to distribute minutes

snacks and hand-outs


with the history of the riding association

or the garden plots

in mind


with spitfire

‘how to’s

and know how


crowded basement rooms

mr christie cookies

and del monte juice boxes


sprawled phone numbers

contact lists

and reminders


gatherings with a raison d’être

growing a list of supporters

a season’s worth

of vegetables

and ideas


at the garden meetings :

history and sustainability

inexorably built in


long term long haul

foresight for good


(p’t’être pour ça

that there is more hope

in gardens.)

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