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cwb non-poem



i have been thinking about the wheat board,

about prairie fields and their farmers’ freedoms,

collectively-owned and operated decision making bodies,

and food producers’ ability to advocate for themselves

and for our foods


in the name of ‘choice’ and ‘freedom’

our government wants to scrap all of this.

seventy-six years of grain producers working together

of small railroads through rural canada

of stable grain prices and revenues.


this is about :

food sovereignty

access to non gm foods

national and local economies

rural and western canada

and respecting democratically elected bodies


it’s enough to get quite upset.

plus petty dismantlings really anger me


i worked in feminist orgs when status of women

got its first big funding cuts

i saw trailblazing powerhouse women who had built so much

taught, written and advocated, fought and won so much

have to close up shop.

the heartwrench is personal and political

because you don’t get that kind of infrastructure back easily. (or at all)


this feels like that felt.

pointless and destructive.

mean bully kids destroying building block towers.

for kicks and giggles.

because they can.


and late on a wednesday

we sit at home and spout about truckloads of wheat dumped on the hill

of protest bread delivered to officials’ offices

of combines on wellington

of resisting


this bill can be voted down.

save the cwb.


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