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to poems that lift us.


finding the perfect poem after a string of harder days : i am all gratitude.


a good trail.

by kinnie starr.


if you find a good trail follow it

that path will become your own

for the rocks resting underneath your feet

and for the fire on your tired face


for the kiss misfit upon your lips

and for the hands that broke your child body

for the words you wish you had spoken

and for the sadness that weakens your bones

for your long walk looking for home

for this and more you will never be alone


for the tree is your spine, see?

and those are blessings you cast every day

that is your voice and voice is power

and these are winter’s brudening hours


that is the seething of clever hidden fears

and these are times you rest to shed tears

that is the future you see in your reflection

it is the coming of new generations



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