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Conservative government merges most departments, saves hard working Canadians billions

Word of merging departments was first heard last week, when CBC reported that the Conservative government would be announcing the folding of the Canadian International Development Agency into the Department of Foreign Affairs and International Trade this week. Jim Flaherty, Minister of Finance, went above and beyond in yesterday’s budget and announced that CIDA and DFAIT are just one of many mergers taking place in Canada’s civil service. Indeed, Transport Canada is packing up and moving to share space and perhaps mandate with Aboriginal Affairs and Northern Development, Statistics Canada and Fisheries and Oceans will now be under one roof, and later this year Citizenship and Immigration and Correctional Services Canada will be merged as well.

When asked how this would impact the productivity and relevance of those specific departments, and the civil service at large, Flaherty said that his government is committed to saving hard working taxpayers’ money, to cutting the deficit before next year’s budget, and that this move was part of a broader vision to create a truly seamless civil service.

Employees at Transport Canada interviewed earlier today said that they welcomed the change. They confirmed that they had been looking for ways to “do more” and “tackle broader issues,” and this merger is going to allow them to do just that. Indeed, they’ve already been asked to come up with new policy directions for incoming minister of Aboriginal Affairs and Northern Development-Transport Canada, or AANDTC, Bernard Valcourt. Among critics of the announced changes are news commentators who fear that the length of the new departmental acronyms will get out of hand.

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  1. 25/03/2013 11:07

    we live in frustrating, frustrating times…

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