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a weight off.


i’ve been thinking a fair amount about weight lately. unwillingly and grudgingly.
a year ago, my body was bursting with child. belly forward, with breasts, thighs and hips widdened, my body felt very ‘out there’, very on display. like an uncomfortable return to locker room adolescence, i was exponentially more aware of my body than i had been in years.

a year later, i’m thinner than i was was pre-conception, in part because my metabolism hasn’t slowed, because i’m breastfeeding (and i wager kiddo’s annexing all my fat), and because i’ve only just gotten back on my bicycle (as i hesitated to take an infant cycling) and my girth of muscle has vanished.

this isn’t a problem per se. it’s frustrating because my clothes don’t fit right and i’m too frugal to really do anything about it in the short term. but i know this’ll pass as my bike grows my body again. what sucks is that so many people bring it up.

after reading this post about how to talk about bodies to our daughters and hearing sook-yin lee’s show about body acceptance, it occured to me that we do indeed comment on other people’s bodies too much. if i had gained weight after having my child, i doubt people would comment (to my face). it wouldn’t be the bulk of our conversation. i wouldn’t have to talk about what i’m doing to solve the problem and assure whoever it is that i eat almost as much as my farmer partner. i wouldn’t have to time and again look down and ascertain that i in fact have become an awkward stringbean.

in my first year of university, a women’s studies prof told the class, ‘if women spent half the time they spend thinking and working on their bodies thinking and working for gender equality, this world would be infinitely more just.’* this has stayed with me. and i make a conscious effort not to fret about my appearance (especially now with kiddo in tow). it makes it all the more frustrating when everyone brings it up. because you just can’t backburner issues that folks keep putting back on the table.


*she, of course, acknowledged the multiple industries whose raison d’être it is to make sure that this never happened.

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  1. 21/08/2013 18:58

    Very well said and I liked your point about people saying it to your face because you’re thin which may not have happened if you gained extra weight. Baby is lucky to have such a « nurturing » mother ;). Xx

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